Which building code is used in the Port Area of Grand Bahama?

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The governing code for the Port Area is “THE GRAND BAHAMA PORT AUTHORITY, LIMITED BUILDING & SANITARY CODE”. This code officially adopts THE BAHAMAS BUILDING CODE produced by Ministry of Public Works & Transport Government of The Bahamas.

Connected Legislation:

  1. The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited’s Planning & Development Code.
  2. The Local Government Act 1996, which supersedes any Extension orders to the Out or Family Islands, made under (a), (b) or (c) above. (Not Applicable to Freeport)
  3. The Professional Architects Act 1994 and as revised.
  4. The Professional Engineers Act 2004 and as revised.
  5. The Land Surveyors Act and as revised.
  6. The Hawksbill Creek Agreement 1955.
  7. The Freeport Bye-laws 1965.
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