What We Do

The Town Planning Unit of GBPA is responsible for zoning and land utilization, functionality and appearance, of the city, survey recording and planning code compliance and enforcement. The planning unit provides design guidance, reviews zoning, subdivision applications, and shapes public policy related to growth and development. They are committed to proactive, community-based planning, and to the building of livable, sustainable communities.

The Department's mission is to provide information, recommendation and leadership to the community of Freeport so that they can enjoy a quality life enriched by choices in housing and transportation, efficient use of public infrastructure, distinctive community character and a robust civic life.

All applications for building permits and buildings inspected will be reviewed for the following in the Planning Department:

Review Requirements

Site plan must have:

  • Indication of True North
  • Surveyor's stamp and seal
  • Landscaping must be indicated on site plan (i.e. type of planting, name of shrubs)
  • Septic tank location must be specified on site plan (i.e. dimensioned showing exact location from building and proper boundary)
  • Parking area dimensions shown including curve radii (include curbing and wheel stops for all buildings)
  • Front, rear and side setback dimensions to be indicated (perpendicular to the boundary line)
  • Walls or fences indicated and properly dimensioned (i.e. spacing between columns and overall distances of walls)
  • Lot dimension and bearings must be provided to ensure accurate lot size
  • Paving cross section and details including drainage

In addition to the Site plan (minimum scale 1"=10'), a location plan must be submitted.

Plan view of roof should be shown on site plan (not the floor plan).

Elevations/Sections Must indicate:

  • Roof materials (specify membrane type and finish)
  • Dimensions to top of roof, top of beam, finish floor and finish grade

Floor Plan:

  • All rooms dimensioned
  • Finish material specified (finish schedule)


Boundary Markers must be in place through out entire construction phase.

Residential Property

1. Front Yard:

  • (2) Shrubs balanced and trimmed (2ft. high)
  • (1) Tree minimum 4'- I" or as per subdivision requirements.
  • (2) Flowering bushes
  • Grass through out all of front yard or as specified in subdivision restrictions
  • Driveway-(a) Pea rock or (b) Concrete/ asphalt if required by subdivision restrictions
  • Walkway- (a) stepping stone ( minimum of 3) or (b) paved walkway
  • House number must be posted

2. Sides:

  • Grass 10' from building or as specified in subdivision restrictions

3. Back Yard:

  • 2 fruit trees (4' high)
  • Fill or sand spread out evenly
  • Grass- minimum 10' from building -remainder of property to be graded


  1. Natural features shall be retained where possible unless just cause can be given for removal
  2. No trees of over 3" caliper Measured 3' from the ground) shrubs or flowering plants shall be removed unless they encumber the construction of buildings or unless a full scale landscaping is proposed for the development.
  3. For projects over six (6) dwelling units or 5,000 sq. ft. in area, a landscape plan shall be submitted. All building sites must be fully landscaped before an Occupancy Permit will be issued.
  4. No fence or boundary y wall may be constructed without written approval from the Planning Department of the G.B.P.A and no hedge fence or boundary wall shall be installed within 30' of a road intersection of more than 3 ' in height.
  5. Restrictive Covenants are prescribed in various subdivisions to govern certain rules and regulation of developments.

Note: Before landscaping work, the contractor should contact all Utility companies to ascertain the location underground utilities.

Commercial Property

All landscaping must be completed in its entirety before issuing certificate of occupancy.

Planning for commercial projects must entail, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Striping, curbing and parking spaces with wheel stops
  • Drainage wells in its specified location on site plan and details
  • Landscaping in it's entirety complete

A copy of the approved plans MUST be on site during an inspection, if not present it is grounds for failure.

The permit number MUST also be present and conspicuous on site, if not present it is grounds for failure. Any changes made on site that differ from the approved drawings must be submitted to the Building and Development Services Department.