Moving your international business operations to
Grand Bahama is about to be easier.

The BH1-B visa is a temporary or non-immigrant “specialty occupation” Bahamian visa, which is held by an individual employed in a qualifying industry under the Commercial Enterprises Bill, and who possesses specialized skills or knowledge.

How it Will Work

Jobs that qualify under the BH1-B visa typically require a University degree. The position should be one that would normally require a minimum of a Bachelor's degree.

The Visa is valid for three (3) years, with one possible additional three-year extension, making six (6) years’ maximum stay in total.

Any application must be sponsored by a Commercial Enterprise Certified Company. The individual must have an offer of work, education, or internship prior to submitting the application.

Subject to the approval and grant of a BH-1B work visa, the holder of this visa can apply for a BH-4S permit for his/her spouse and any dependent children. The holder of a BH-4S permit is allowed to reside in the Bahamas and enrol in educational institutions in the Bahamas.

Commercial Enterprises Bill

The Commercial Enterprises Bill liberalizes the granting of work permits for a company investing $250,000 or more and needing work permits for its management team and key personnel. The qualifying industries are as follows:
Captive Insurance

  • Reinsurance
  • Mutual Fund Administration
  • Arbitration
  • Wealth Management
  • International Trade
  • International Arbitrage
  • Computer Programming
  • Software Design & Writing
  • Bioinformatics & Analytics
  • Maritime Trade
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biomedical Industries
  • Boutique Health Facilities
  • Data Storage or Warehousing
  • Aviation Approved Maintenance Operations
  • Aviation Registration
  • Call Centres
  • Manufacturing or Assembly of Manufactures
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Commercial Enterprises Bill

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