What specific items should be included on a set of building plans?

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Plans and Specifications required information:

  1. Plans shall be drawn to a scale which indicates with sufficient clarity the nature and extent of the work proposed.
  2. Plans and specifications together shall contain sufficient information to indicate that the work proposed will conform to the provisions of the GBPA’s Building & Sanitary Code. Such information shall be specific and the GBPA’s Building & Sanitary Code shall not be cited in whole or part as a substitute for specific information.
  3. The B&DS Department may require computations, stress diagrams, shop drawings, test results, additional details or other data necessary to show compliance with the GBPA’s Building & Sanitary Code, or verify the sufficiency of plans and specifications.
  4. Plans and specifications shall be identified with the address of the work, the name and address of the owner, and address of the person or persons who prepared them.
  5. Plans shall include a site plan prepared by a registered land surveyor licensed by the GBPA on which shall be clearly indicated the property boundaries and dimensions, critical elevations, existing structures, rights of way, easements, street and property zoning, general block or area plans, and legal description of the property, except that the B&DS Department may not require such site plan if property stakes are existing and the work involved is minor and/or is clearly within the building lines.
  6. Architectural drawings shall include:
  1. Architectural floor plans for each floor and building roof plan including a tabulation breakdown of stress of each floor.
  2. Exterior elevations of all walls.
  3. Typical sections through the entire building.
  4. Typical wall sections to large scale.
  5. Foundation plan.
  6. Structural framing plan each floor and roof.
  7. Columns, beams, and footing schedule and typical details.
  8. Electrical plan showing lighting and electrical
  9. Tabulation of electrical load and riser diagram.
  10. Plumbing plan.
  11. Plumbing isometric.
  12. Septic tank or sewage disposal unit and location.
  13. Mechanical plans as required if building is air conditioned, refrigerated, etc.
  14. Telephone layout on projects over 8 units or large commercial buildings.
  15. Landscaping proposals and site layout plans.
  16. Parking layout.
  17. Details of all special conditions, e.g. connections to existing structures.

Preparation of Plans:

(1) All applications for Building Permits whether for new or existing buildings if costing over $5,000 shall be signed or bear the impress seal of a registered qualified architect. Where such work is preponderantly a specialist field then the plans shall bear the seal or signature of a registered qualified specialist in that field.

(2) Where the plans contain work of an architectural nature combined with either structural, electrical, or mechanical designs other than those of a minor nature, the B&DS Department may require that they be prepared by both a qualified architect and engineer.

Changes in Plans & Specifications:

Two copies of amendments and/or changes to approved plans and specifications shall be submitted to the B&DS Department for approval.

Procedure for larger projects:

The following additional information must be obtained and submitted for buildings with more than 8 dwelling units of 5,000 square feet in area:

Power Supply

  1. i) Structures: Check for service locations and show in site plan.
  2. ii) Subdivisions: Check for availability of power and show source on site plan.

Water Supply

  1. i) Structures: Check for service locations and provide information as to estimated water requirements.
  2. ii) Subdivisions: Check for availability of water and provide reproducible copy of Master Plan for Utility Company use.

Telephone Service

  1. i) Structures: Check for service locations and provide reproducible copies of both the plot plan and electric plan for Telephone Company use.
  2. ii) Subdivisions: Check for availability of telephone service and provide reproducible copy of Master Plan for Telephone Company use.

Application Examination:

(a) The B&DS Department shall examine each application for permit along with the plans, specifications and computations filed therewith, and shall ascertain by such examination whether the construction indicated and described is in accordance with the requirements of this Code.

(b) The B&DS Department will accept preliminary plans and specifications for examination, prior to application for permits, for the convenience of owners, designers, and contractors. A service charge between $5.00 and $50.00 shall be paid, based upon the scope of the project. However, such plans shall not be officially approved or disapproved. Such service charge may be credited against the Permit Fee.

(c) Applications shall be examined in the order received, except that rejected plans and specifications which have been corrected and resubmitted shall be examined first.

(d) All applications for single family dwelling houses of over 1,200 sq. ft. or for buildings consisting of more than 8 dwelling units of 5,000 sq. ft: in area shall be reviewed by a Building Appearance Committee who may refuse acceptance of a building if, in their opinion, it is not appropriate for the location for which it is proposed. The Committee shall be comprised of 5 members namely, two professionally qualified architects and three other persons all appointed by the Port Authority or its designated Agent. A majority shall constitute a quorum.

Application Action:

(a) Approval: When the B&DS Department is satisfied that the work described in the application for permit, and the plans and specifications filed therewith ate in accordance with the requirements of this Code, a building permit shall be issued and the plans and specifications shall be marked “APPROVED”, and signed by the Development Agent.

(b) Disapproval: If the application or plans or specifications do not conform to the requirements of this Code, the B&DS Department shall reject such applications in writing, stating the reasons for such action.

(c) Partial Approval: Pending the completion of checking plans and specifications, the B&DS Department, at his discretions, and upon payment of the total required fee, may authorize the issuance of a temporary permit for site preparation, excavation, and below grade construction, but the holder of such temporary permit shall proceed at his own risk without assurance that a permit for the superstructure will be granted.

(d) Disposition of Approved Plans: One set of approved plans and specifications shall be returned to the permit holder and the other set shall be retained by the B&DS Department for their permanent records.

Presentation of Plans

The maximum size sheet for presentation of drawings shall be 36” x 48”. Projects requiring larger sheets shall make use of match lines. All others are to be 24” x 36” (Arch D), all sheets shall be similarly sized, collated in alpha-numeric order and properly fastened.

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