What is the function of the helpline and its incentive?

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The GBPA Helpline is a vital liaison between the communities, GBPA group of companies, Government & Private Enterprises. The helpline was determined to encourage and welcome input of the general public’s suggestions to improve our city and better our Communities.

List of Companies the Helpline liaises with often:

  • Sanitation Services- landscaping & road repairs
  • G.B. Power Company- Easements & streetlights
  • G.B. Utility- Broken pipes
  • Urban Renewal- Derelict Vehicles
  • City of Freeport Council- Social Ills
  • Bahamas Sanitary Engineering- Drain wells
  • Freeport Construction Company- Road repairs
  • Police Traffic Department- damage of road/verges/medians
  • Kent Motors- Derelict Vehicles
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