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Use this form if you are a licensee interested in bidding on our downtown landscaping works.

Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited
Bid Registration Form
Downtown Landscape Works for Phase 1

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Declaration of Licensee Application

I authorize The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (“GBPA”) to undertake any search or obtain any personal, financial, business, or other information from any third party source, agency, organization, or institution which may be required for the verification of the information provided herein and further authorize the third party source, agency, organization or institution to provide such information to GBPA. I acknowledge and confirm that the information provided by me on this Application Form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and ability. I ALSO CONFIRM THAT NEITHER I NOR ANY OF MY AFFILIATES/ASSOCIATES HAVE BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIMINAL OFFENCE IN ANY COUNTRY WITHIN THE LAST FIVE (5) YEARS. I understand and accept that foregoing information is being reviewed by GBPA in order to process my application for this competition and that any false or untrue statement or information may result in the cancellation of my application.

GBPA shall comply with the provision of the Data Protection Privacy of Personal Information Act 2003 (as amended) in relation to the use, confidentiality, storage, processing, inspection, and access of your personal information obtained for the purposes of this Application Form and kept within our possession.

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