What We Do

The Grand Bahama Utility Company (GBUC) is responsible for the collection and distribution of quality potable water throughout Grand Bahama Island, (with the exception of an area developed by Tamarind Development Limited in Lucaya).

There are four water treatment plants that are strategically located within the city limits of Freeport that draws water from the Grand Bahama aquifer. There are approximately 500 miles of water lines ranging from two-inches to twenty-four inches which are supplied from four (4) different pumping stations throughout the Grand Bahama Island. These pumping stations supplies water to constructed interconnecting network of transmission and distribution lines interfacing with fire hydrants, water meter and other equipment.

Water is taken from shallow wells, with open hole construction and designed to produce either 20 or 50 gallons per minute (gpm). Well locations were selected such that groundwater extraction would not exceed 850 gallons per acre per day (gpad) based on GBUC well operation techniques.

At the four water treatment plants water is disinfected via chlorination (Gas), and pumped into storage tanks and ultimately into the distribution system and tested for quality daily. On average 8.0 million gallons per day (MGD) is delivered to customers within the service area.

The operation of three Governments owned public water systems in the East Grand Bahama area (High Rock, Pelican Point, and McLean’s Town) was passed onto GBUC in January of 1995 to maintain. Current demand in High Rock is about 15,000 gallons per day (GPD), Pelican Point 4,000 GPD and McLean’s Town 6,000 GPD.

Guiding Principles


Living up to our responsibilities, meeting our obligations, fulfilling our commitments; maintaining our credibility by open, accurate and timely communications with customers, employees and regulators.

External Customer Satisfaction: 

Exceeding customer expectations; treating them with respect in an open and forthright manner; putting ourselves in their place, asking how we can provide better service and then improving our performance to provide that service.


Satisfying ourselves that excellent performance is more than mere adherence to rules, regulations and requirements; assessing ourselves, identifying opportunities to improve our performance; setting challenging goals and embracing the concept of rising expectations, recognizing that today’s challenging goals will evolve into tomorrow’s standards of performance.

Team Work:

To treat all employees with respect and provide a motivating and rewarding working environment that encourages professional and personal growth. To foster a spirit of teamwork and cooperation throughout the company in order to achieve company goals and objectives. To seek and promote employee accountability, confidentiality and adherence to company policies and procedures.

Environmental Commitment:

Protect and monitor the water resources of Grand Bahama and report on any activities that might impact on these resources.

Being alert to the environmental voices of customers, employees and the general public; demonstrating leadership in sound environmental management; using our expertise to assist and resolve public environmental issues.

Application of Service


Available in all territories served.


For all commercial and domestic purposes in private residences, multi-family units, condominiums and apartments.

Level of Service

Continuous portal water of an average of 30 psi with a minimum of 15 psi and a maximum 35 psi available at the point of delivery.

Limitation of Service

All services required by customer for commercial and domestic purposes are limited to one meter per property.


For new accounts, the security deposit is based upon meter sizing and water demand. The minimum security deposit for a residential customer is $250.00 per meter.

Monthly Bill

Computed in Bahamian currency on a monthly basis in accordance with charges for power, chemicals, and minimum fees.


Water Charge

Minimum Monthly (0 - 2,000 gallons) $12.83 Flat Rate
2,001 - 10,000 gallons $4.16 per thousand gallons
10,001 - 20,000 gallons $5.00 per thousand gallons
Over 20,001 gallons $5.87 per thousand gallons

Rate Fee Structure

Minimum Security Deposit $250.00
Meter Replacement Fee $400.00
Meter Testing Fee $50.00 + VAT
Missing or Damaged Equipment Fee AT COST
Read Meter & Disconnect Request $15.00 + VAT
Reconnection Fees $45.00 + VAT
Returned Check Fees $10.00
Lock Replacement Fee $50.00
Curb Stop Fee $75.00
After Hour Reconnection $60.00 + VAT
Check High Consumption $15.00 + VAT
Relocate Meter AT COST + VAT

Sewerage Service Rates

Restaurant/Bar $15.00 per seat (based on seating capacity)
Hotel $25.00 per hotel room